The 78 Cards: The Fool

The Fool, Rider Waite Tarot Deck

He’s bold, adventurous, and misunderstood — The Fool is our beginning in a tarot deck, and and our beginning in life!

Upright: New path, innocence, uninhibited potential, adventurous, open minded, curious.
Reversed: Naive, overly ambitious, unwilling to learn, reckless, fighting change, being taken advantage of.

The Fool is easily my favorite card, even though it’s easy to be offended if it comes up. Contrary to popular belief, seeing The Fool means more that you’re an outsider, a beginner, a newcomer, more than literally an airhead. He is technically our “beginning” of the tarot, but he is number 0, meaning he goes in the beginning, the middle, the end — he represents us when we start over, and that’s something we do many, many times throughout a lifetime.

Tarot cards don’t have a set association with zodiac signs (there’s 22 Major Arcana, and 12 zodiac signs, so maybe it’s not meant to be), but I’ve always associated The Fool with Sagittarius, and possibly Aries, due to the association with extreme optimism, desire to learn, and adventurous spirit. Nonetheless, he is actually ruled by Uranus, making him an individual thinker and open minded much like his Aquarius counterpart.

When the Fool comes up in a reading, be open to the new possibilities he may bring, and embrace the idea that many of them will be a bunch of whopping unknowns.