Tarot Talk: Anyone Can Read Cards, So Why Hire a Reader?

Ever heard the phrase, “Everyone’s a little psychic”? I tell my clients the same thing. Everyone is a little psychic. Everyone can read cards. Everyone can pick up a pendulum or set of runes or whatever else, and do exactly what I do.

When I say this, and when many experienced psychics and readers say this, we aren’t lying to you or attempting to instill you with false confidence. “Psychic” ability exists within everyone to different degrees, much like any other set of skills or talents. And just because you don’t feel that way, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it — with practice.

For example: I am not at all athletically inclined or gifted, but if I spent years training, practicing, and giving athletics my all, I could, in theory, become an athlete someday. Maybe I’d never be as good as someone who was gifted from their onset, but maybe I could be. It certainly does happen.

What I just described is something I think is a typical concept that many people understand well, and don’t tend to need it explained to them. And yet, when we point out that this is the same case for “psychic” ability, our words are easily dismissed. I think there’s a large tendency to compare ourselves to someone who was born a natural clairvoyant, or was speaking to passed spirits as a child. This tendency — and I do mean this in the nicest way possible — just isn’t correct. Don’t compare yourself to the gifts of other psychics, and if you pay attention to how your intuition leads you daily — the people you get good vibes from, the places you get good vibes from, the times you knew not to take that highway and later found out there was a bunch of traffic — you’ll realize that what you are doing is what we consider to be “psychic” ability. Tarot, oracle cards, runes, pendulums — these are tools we use to express and hone those abilities, just like any other tool used for any other talent or hobby.

If all that’s true, then why would i need to hire a psychic?

The same reason I hire doctors, therapists, taxi cab drivers, teachers, lawyers, etcetera. In theory, I could go to law school or medical school and become a doctor or lawyer myself. I could be a certified teacher, a trained athlete, a therapist. I’m not, though, because I haven’t put in the years and effort to study or practice to the point where I could sell my services to other people, unlike actual doctors, therapists, etc.

Even then, as a reader, I always prefer booking other readers rather than reading myself. I have a few readers I frequent every year or every other year just to refresh and talk through things with another person. This is similar to, for example, if as an editor for a newspaper, I wanted to publish my own work, I surely could edit my own work, but it’s better if I get a second or third opinion. We are our own blind spots in many occasions, and there’s no shame in that or discredit to the work we do in the slightest.

In summary: you could do what I do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you could do it right now. Readers who sell their services have (hopefully) practiced, studied, and dedicate themselves to constantly honing their intuition and practice. And, even then, there’s always no shame in seeking some more help.

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