The 78 Cards: The Magician

With the power of each suit literally sitting before him, The Magician is a card of immense talent, potential, and possibility.

The Magician, Rider Waite Tarot

Upright: Inspiration & manifestation, creative flow, strong potential, open possibilities and multitudes of opportunities
Reversed: Scattered efforts, ignored potential, creative blockages, misuse of talents

The Magician is often depicted with the infinity symbol crowning his head, noting that he is spiritually in tune with himself and divine energy. At his fingertips lay a sword, pentacle, cup, and wand, indicative of the four suits. I’ve never quite liked the interpretation that this indicates “mastery” of the suits — he’s most definitely well-equipped, talented, and enthusiastic, but The Magician is fallible. Potential is only potential, and it’s up to you what you do with it.

I’ve also always associated The Magician with a lot of overlooked hobbies, as it’s a card that tends to bring out the best of our abilities and inspire us in sometimes funny ways. When you pull The Magician in a reading, take advantage of this time of creativity and having a blank canvas. It’s also often a sign to be paying attention to some hobbies you may have been neglecting!