The 78 Cards: The High Priestess

I often say that The High Priestess is my goal in life — she’s unapologetically feminine, completely in tune with her subconscious, and highly intuitive. She sits calmly, her gaze directly at us, in between two pillars representing masculine and feminine, darkness and light, an indicator that she has balanced these two energies.

The High Priestess, Rider Waite Tarot

Upright: Heightened intuition, divine connection, creativity & the arts. “Hidden influences at work.”
Reversed: Surface knowledge, spiritual & emotional imbalance, lack of vision.

When I pull The High Priestess in readings, it almost always signals a period of immense wisdom, reflection, creativity, and intuition. Our dreams run wild, our vision gets blurred from past to present to future, and reality can seem to be bending at will. As The High Priestess represents our balance and ability to move between a physical and spiritual realm, it’s only natural that we experience stuff like this when she pops up.

I connect her deeply with the zodiac sign Pisces at its purest form — intuitive, dreamy, creative, compassionate. She calls upon us to extend kindness and empathy, and opens us up to new spiritual opportunities.

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