Vintage Divination Diving: “Astro Dice: An Astrological Fortune-Telling Game”

Aside from how generally cool and badass I find it that my great grandma was that witchy Chinese lady predicting futures left and right, a major perk is inheriting some of her cool, badass, witchy, vintage, and, yes, absolutely funky possessions. Decks, tools, and as you can see here, a “game.”

The running theme these possessions have are that of “fortune telling.” In the range of predictive readers, I would pin myself in the middle range; I don’t often decline to make predictions, but it has never been my primary interest or area of focus. Thus, I find this delve pretty exciting and I’d like it to push me to growing further in my range of accuracy and comfort in predictive readings. If anything, this stuff just looks pretty fun, if we’re being honest (I mean, look at that board. We have dice and everything).

I’m aiming for this to be a series of reviewing and experimenting with a few of the decks in my possession (although I do regularly use her lenormand deck anyhow), as well as three “games,” Astro Dice being the first! Let’s jump in.

Introducing Astro Dice

Before we take my excitement at face value and go around throwing dice, I want to assert that this is a legitimate predictive tool, even if it doesn’t look like your cup of tea. The box cover says “game,” but the inside of the box cover reads:

This is not a game, but you can play it. It is not a toy, but you can use it. It’s based on scientific astrological forces– The Sun. The Moon. The Stars. The Planets.

I’ll be honest and say I’ve never heard of the concept of Astro Dice prior to receiving this, but it looks like there are versions out there still, albeit I cannot find one with this kind of board. According to my box, the one in my possession was produced in 1969.

How it works

This is one of the possessions of hers that came with a guide book, thankfully! The functionality of the board is actually very simple. The dice each have planets on them, the board is split into houses, and instructions can be summarized like this:

  1. Lay out the board, and hold all three dice in your hand.
  2. Ask and concentrate on one question.
  3. Toss all three dice at the same time.
  4. Refer back to the booklet for the reading.
  5. This can be repeated three times for a full reading, but it doesn’t seem necessary to do it this many times.
  6. The booklet urges you not to consult the dice again for the same question within the same 24 hours. Agreed, my booklet friend, agreed.

There’s a few more steps outlined, specifically regarding what to do when a dice lands in the center (reroll for just that dice), or on the line (your call, either read for both houses or move it to one side that it leans more towards), etc., but for the most part, this is it.

My Trial Reading

The reading I conducted is shown in the first photo of the board; the dice positioning was my actual dice landing, although one dice did land in the center, in which case I rerolled. I only rolled once, as I felt satisfied by this answer and was not too sure I wanted to hear much more. I’m not a big fan of getting predictive readings for myself much right now in general, after all.

In a few weeks, I will be jetting off to another country to meet my boyfriend’s parents and generally spend time with him and all of that good jazz, but it’s not any secret that traveling can be stressful, and certainly for my Aries Sun double Virgo placement butt, I have a not-so-awesome need to plan everything perfectly. To hopefully ease some of my anxiety, I asked very simply, “What can I expect from this trip?” (Don’t ask me why I asked this, knowing full well predictive tools are not “nice” or here to ease your anxiety).

Dice 1: Mercury in 1st House
The guidebook points out a few things: a desire for change, impulsivity, overactive thoughts, and finally urges me to think before I speak. I like that the book still pushes and guides you despite being a dominantly predictive tool. (That’s how I like my tools: bossy).

I think this prediction makes sense, given that certainly being in another country alone is something in of itself so exciting; I imagine that my excitement and energy has the potential to manifest itself as overactive until I burn out or completely waste my time and attention on something that is entirely different than my initial focus for even being there. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for this kind of impulse. Note taken, Astro Dice.

Dice 2: Pluto in 5th House
A house of looooove, ego, and dramatics. This repeats generally the same themes — new ventures, high energy, welcoming change, ambition. But it also centers the focus on the 5th house, pointing out that this can manifest in my actual relationship, when I myself was focused on my significant other’s parents & the nature of travel in general, so this is a nice reminder of the fact that the energy I bring into this trip can and, visibly here, does manifest in my relationship too.

Dice 3: Pars of Fortune (Fortuna) in 9th House
You know that feeling when the cards (or in this case, dice) just really tells you what you want to hear, even after throwing on some shade at you for the entirety of the reading? I ear-to-ear grinned at this result, I really did.

There were two specific lines from the book that just gave me all I had to see with this dice: “You will be contented on foreign shores,” and “Your partner’s relatives would like to be included in your plans.” Speaks for itself, right? Anyhow, I’ll absolutely be keeping the advice and warnings of the previous two dice in mind, and all in all I was really satisfied with this reading, as well as generally with this method. I can see these readings becoming more comprehensive with the more throws you put in, but I was happy with just the one.

I think there’s a sense of seriousness and gravity that I have to really get into the mood for when it comes to lenormand readings & my typical predictive style, but getting to throw around some dice sure was more fun, even if it dragged me to the sun and back for a bit there. I will absolutely be using this again, and if interest develops and I put in some more practice, I’d be thrilled to add this as an option to my bookings. Let me know your thoughts as always!

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