Tarotscopes for the Signs: July 2019

Ft. The Ostara Tarot

Tarotscopes for the signs • Messages for July 2019

Please feel free to use your sun, moon, or rising sign based off of what typically resonates with you, but I recommend choosing only one, and doing so before reading ahead. Enjoy!

Aries • The Fool, Reversed
Aries, your adventurous spirit and bright eyes for new experiences and risks are all beautiful things, but they also mean you’ll have more opportunities to fail. And that’s perfectly okay! This month is one of trying new things and failing. Sometimes hard. Miserably. Perhaps you are literally traveling, or you’re in a new place or experience or hobby out of your element, or you’re trying out a new relationship or dating boundary. All good stuff, and you should keep pursuing those things, but don’t flee at the first sight of failing. Brush yourself off, pick yourself up, and keep going.

Taurus • Four of Pentacles
I see you in self-protection mode this month, Taurus. You’re closing up the doors, locking the locks, and shutting yourself inside to pop in a movie, turn on the bubble bath, and spend some quality time with yourself. Congrats to you — perhaps you’re celebrating, or you’ve come to a close in a difficult path and just need the resting time. And congrats because, as we all know, no one pampers anyone or anything as well as a Taurus can.
While I congratulate you (and really, I do, and I’m a bit jealous), I want to remind you that this truly should be a long-term practice. Your desire to give & love & share with others is such a wonderful thing, and now you’re turning it inward, but perhaps jot down a little space for “me time” on your schedule even after this month of rest too.

Gemini • The Devil, reversed
If you aren’t already considering doing so, it looks like you’ll be in release mode. By that I mean: you should be in a process of releasing what does not serve you — objects, bad habits, unhealthy relationships, all of that jazz. This month might be a challenge, then, as it’s not as easy as checking a few items off a list and throwing them out the door. These smaller, often unsuspecting demons come crawling back in sneaky ways, and you’ll have to put your foot down in acknowledging their harm, and tossing them out.

Cancer • Ace of Wands, reversed
You may be experiencing creative blocks, and generally be stunted in various directions & projects that you’re trying to pursue. It’s like one thing after another this month, and it may seem like just nothing can go right. This period is temporary; don’t let it get to you too much. It happens to all of us at some point!
It’s tricky because I also know you would ideally like to make some moves. Instead of trying out new ventures, being spontaneous, or being too risky with your words and actions, consider this month a planning period. Take your time to plan things out so that you can put them in motion later.

Leo • Ten of Cups, reversed
You might feel more disconnected from your loved ones this month, Leo. Many of you keep a solid network of friends and family healthy and active, but this month it can feel like you have no such thing. Perhaps your circumstances have changed a bit — location, job, etc. — and this causes you to be more literally estranged from familiar faces than usual. I think this month is a good way to test your independence; you’re a bright light in a room and many are attracted to your presence anyway, so it’s not as if you actually have difficulty keeping people close to you. While you have this funky month of alone time, take advantage of it and recharge!

Virgo • Two of Cups
Love connections may be in the air for you this month, Virgo, or perhaps a stronger rekindling of an existing one. Whether it is romantic or not, there’s a very strong, present partnership that is demanding your attention. It’s a solid month for strong communication, fun outings, and I think vibrant non-verbal communication as well. There’s something very pure about the kind of partnership I’m seeing, too, like, even if in a long-term partnership, it still seems very honeymoon period, flirtatious, or things of that nature.
It can’t be all fun and games forever, but it can be for this month! Enjoy!

Libra • Six of Swords
Time to let things go, although this doesn’t look to be something too surprising to you, and in fact something you may have been planning for awhile, Libra. I see some of you with an attitude like, “Enough is enough,” and putting your foot down and cutting strings.
This could be a relationship, a job, a place, a habit — anything harmful, or something you’ve realized you’ve grown out of. It will be hard, but again, nothing surprising to you. I overall see a period of transition and moving forward into an unknown, but so long as you keep in mind the support that you do have, you’ll end up just fine. Kudos to your self-awareness and bravery in doing what is right for you, and look forward to the much brighter future.

Scorpio • Seven of Swords, reversed
Secrets, deceit, and self-doubt. Your mind is a bit of a warzone this month, Scorpio, and it’s going to be in your hands to make things right. There’s a lot of lies floating around right now, whether to or from you (or both), or even from you to yourself.
It’s important to make yourself your own ally rather than being too hard on yourself, or convincing yourself of things that aren’t true. It sounds simple in theory, but we both know that you can be your own worst enemy at times. This is overall the ideal month to come clean about any little secrets or hidden habits you’ve been keeping under wraps. It will only be more difficult later.

Sagittarius • Strength, reversed
You’re a bit out of your element this month, Sagittarius. There’s a few elements at play that are causing you anxiety & self-doubt, likely from multiple areas, so it can feel like the universe is attacking you this month.
The core of it all is really that these thoughts are being harbored within; I feel like there are some outside, out-of-your-control disadvantages being thrown your way, but, truthfully, it’s not like it isn’t anything you haven’t experienced before, or that they aren’t anything that couldn’t be categorized as regular inconveniences. Perhaps it’s simply a really inconvenient time for these things to be occurring, hence why it can feel like something is conspiring against you, but it’s important that any sort of pity party gets postponed for later. Relax, take a few deep breaths, and tread on. There are bigger fish to fry.

Capricorn • The Magician, reversed
You were having a pretty good run so far, but it appears you may have run out of stamina at this point. You’ll be more strongly feeling the effects of fatigue and exhaustion this month than usual, and find yourself feeling more drained by social events, work, and all the good stuff that usually can keep your motor feeling energized and inspired.
Capricorn, real talk time: we both know you can have the tendency to overwork yourself, to push through even when it literally feels like you’ll collapse on the floor if you keep going. The fatigue settling in is not a signal to work harder; it’s your body telling you to take a break. Take the signal, and let yourself rest. Your circle of coworkers, friends, loved ones, and acquaintances will understand.

Aquarius • Knight of Swords, reversed & Pisces • Knight of Wands, reversed
I am grouping these two together because your problems have a similar feel and tend to overlap, although it looks like they will manifest in separate ways.

For the both of you, this month you’ll overall be feeling like your energy & thoughts are scattered, all over the place — you’ll have this strong desire to get things done, but it’s going to feel like you can’t take the leap for one reason or another (losing focus too easily, losing the stamina needed quickly, obstacle after obstacle seeming to topple over one another).

For Aquarius, this experience will be more bodily. You may notice this manifest in things like a disordered sleep schedule, or a fluctuating appetite, for example.
For Pisces, this experience will be more within your mind, imagination, and thought processes. It will be difficult to maintain focus, to hold onto ideas; you might experience a creative block at one moment and then feel bombarded with 100 unrealistic ideas the next.

You’re going to have to find a way to adapt to how your body & mind are adjusting to the energy of the month, rather than attempt to force it into how you regularly function. It will be frustrating at first, but you are overall both quite adaptable and intuitive signs; it’s only a matter of keeping self-aware about how you’re feeling and operating.