The 78 Cards: The Hierophant

The Hierophant, Rider Waite Tarot

“The world is not to be put in order. The world is order. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order.”

Henry Miller

Upright: Tradition, religion, institution, orthodox beliefs, routine
Reversed: non-conforming ideas and actions, rebellion, freedom, thinking outside the box

The Hierophant is a card that does not often get the amount of love other Major Arcana cards receive. In fact, when representing someone in an upright position, many will think that it’s calling them a boring conformist who can’t think outside of the box, or whatever it is that The Hierophant gets a bad rep for.

The Hierophant is simply one way that humans respond to chaos, spirituality, the unknown, and other complex topics — we put them in order. We make sense of what we couldn’t make sense of previously. We attempt to create structure — for productivity, for our convenience, for our ease in learning and sharing and teaching the topic to others. He represents our schools, our churches, our religions, our structures that often teach us first before we can make our own judgements about said structures.

The Hierophant is the flipside of the same coin as The High Priestess: both spiritual, both full of wisdom, both desiring deeply to connect to divine sources. They teach, they connect to the divine, they open the hearts and eyes of those around them to do the same. The Hierophant merely has a different approach — one that can be seen literally everywhere, all the time, in our day to day lives.

He is representative of an asset that we often take for granted because we assume too much that we already know of everything there is to know about these longstanding structures and teachings. In a reading, The Hierophant may be calling upon you to think back to your roots, to call upon a trusted source or structure or area that you are familiar with.