Tarotscopes for the Signs: August 2019

ft. The Cosmos Tarot

Tarotscopes for the signs • Messages for August 2019

Today’s blog post is brought to you a day early in order to deliver our messages for August!

Please feel free to use your sun, moon, or rising sign based off of what typically resonates with you, but I recommend choosing only one, and doing so before reading ahead. Enjoy!

Aries8 of EarthTime Passing, Milestones, Progression
Good things take time, which can be a little hard to swallow for someone as strong-willed and speedy as you. This month is a good one for making necessary preparations for any future work you need to get done, or actually just jumping right to that stuff. It’s overall a time of work, work, work, and it’ll tire you out sometimes. (Yes, you, little ram). When it doesn’t all work out immediately, don’t fret — your future self will still thank you, even if it doesn’t seem so awesome in the present.

Taurus7 of FirePersevering Against Incredible Odds, Survival
It can feel like a real uphill battle this month, Taurus. It will often feel like things just won’t go your way, that the odds are against you and the universe and everyone around you have decided to be an obstacle to you, specifically.
If it helps soothe your worries: for one thing, this is temporary. It will pass. For another, you have the strength and capability to make it through. It may be an uphill battle, but it by no means is unwinnable. Your greatest ally this month will be yourself, so it’s important that you’re constantly being kind and understanding towards yourself even when it seems like you’re making too many mistakes.

Gemini4 of FirePerformance, Acting, Ego
Gemini, this month you may feel the tendency to fall back on old habits, or perhaps literally revisit old friendships and places where you once felt comfortable and planted your roots. I feel like there is a sort of self-examination occurring, and many of you are making comparisons between your past and present selves.
You only should be wary of how this affects your present circumstances and relationships, and be cautious that you don’t unconsciously lean into putting on an act or presenting yourself as one thing when you’re really lost in thought, trying to understand & make decisions about the way things are right now.

CancerThe HermitThe Chase, Pursuit Without Fatigue
A period of solitude, reflection, and a good time for pursuing hobbies, skills, or projects that require more focused attention. This month looks like one that supports any sort of activity where you are essentially the only one in the room; it seems way more expressive, positive, and like an opportunity for growth than it seems lonely to me, so you shouldn’t necessarily feel like you’ve been locking yourself away from your loved ones.
Seize the opportunity for skill development and mental, spiritual, and emotional advancement. Make time for these pulls towards being alone. They’re here to help you make some serious progress!

LeoWheel of FortuneFrom Humble Beginnings to True Potential
Your past tarotscope was also something that felt super up in the air to me, and this is no different. So much of your life right now appears to be requiring you to go with the flow and trust the process, sometimes blindly. There is something so open, free, and expressive about your environment lately, and it’s important that you go with the current rather than attempting to go against it. There will be a time and a place for focusing on specific areas of your life and for scheduling and routine, but right now you’re being asked to look at the larger picture and live presently.

Virgo3 of EarthBudding Talent, Person in Training
This month looks like one of work, cooperation, teamwork, and possibly some mentorship type thing going on! There’s opportunities and skills and talents blossoming; lots of things look to be in beginning stages with a ton of potential. It’s also going to require you to be okay with making mistakes and accepting the idea that, as skilled and awesome as you are, sometimes you’re a small fish in a big pond, and you’ll have to take on a student rather than teacher role. Your often perfectionist attitude and expectations for yourself are being put to the test here, and by this I mean you’ll have to find a way to throw them to the side for the sake of your own growth and development in the long-run.

LibraWater QueenLongevity, Commitment, Eternal
It looks like an emotional, intuitive, and vulnerable month for you, Libra! For whatever reason, you’re being put into the mood of… moodiness? It’s going to feel like you’ve been thrown straight into the nurturing and emotional waters of our water-affiliated zodiac friends Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer, and it’s about to feel a tad uncomfortable at times. At the end of the day, though, it can be a rewarding opportunity for you to work out some stuff that’s been needing attention, and it’s going to greatly benefit you in the long run. Get ready to feel like the ultimate shoulder to cry on and the sudden mom friend for your loved ones, because it’s about to get emotionally intimate in here.

Scorpio1 of FireCreative Vision, Artistic Creation, The Creator
It’s a little funny to imagine Scorpios bouncing off the walls, but that’s kind of the image that came to my mind for you this month. It looks like a time where ideas, energy, and enthusiasm are just jumping into your mind and body this month, and you might not even know what to do with all of them at times. Some of you are likely to receive tangible opportunities — there are offers and deals on the horizon.
It’s an incredible time overall to work creatively and start up or finish any projects you’ve been wanting to, but generally speaking, I see more new ideas and fresh starts than I see finishing old ones.

SagittariusKnight of FireAdaptability, Adjustment, Camouflage
I find it fitting that Jupiter is still in retrograde (as it has been for a few months) until midway through this month; perhaps you’ll find the sudden shift a little jarring as you’ve grown accustomed to your home planet pushing its energies inward for some time now. So it’s tiiime to adapt. The wind and tides are unpredictable this month for you and our other archer friends, and it’s going to feel at times like you’ve entered 100 different moods, phases, and environments within the span of one week. Your challenge is to adapt and accept those challenges anyway.

Capricorn2 of AirEnd of Naivety
It’s time to face the music this month, my sometimes stubborn Capricorn friends. What have you been putting off or avoiding? What not-so-helpful habits need breaking? There’s stuff that a lot of you have been throwing to the side to come back to later. (Guess what? Now is later). It’s all going to bubble up to the surface this month anyway, so you may want to take the initiative to take it upon yourself to put some of these things to rest. Communicate openly and wholly, not just to others, but to yourself as well.

Aquarius9 of WaterPlay, Healing Power of the Arts
Now is a solid month for you to be manifesting… literally everything, Aquarius. This month feels like it’s in the palm of your hands; it’s playful, it’s optimistic, it’s intuitive, it’s open, and it’s here to help you plant those seeds and harvest them, like, within the same day.
I see so many of you with a spring in your step, with your arms wide open. It should feel like the world is at your feet and everything is at your disposal to be molded, created. (It also feels wildly fun).

PiscesKnight of AirSelf, Arrogance, Vanity
Whew, is that the sound of Leo season? This month is one of action, adventure, and pure energy and drive. The air feels more confident and headstrong this month for you, Pisces, but you have to be careful not to overexert this energy, or put it into the wrong places. Perhaps the sudden shift from living in the emotional waters of your Cancerian friends to the bolder grounds of Leo have pushed forth some strong will and intensity you’ve been needing lately. Now is your time for being decisive, courageous, and strongly expressing your individuality.