The 78 Cards: The Chariot

The Chariot, Albano-Waite Tarot

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Sun Tzu

Upright: tangible success, journey, triumph, positive outcomes, willpower
Reversed: needing focus and/or motivation, lack mindset, giving up

Short piece today, because this card’s message is often oh-so-simple, despite the circumstances that it may appear in.

Good things are in the works when The Chariot arises, my friends. There’s not too much that can prevent you from reaching your goal… except yourself. Psyching yourself out, lacking confidence, and losing motivation to continue trudging on are ways to lose the glory of parading in on your glamorous throne (okay, there might not be an actual throne, but maybe it’ll feel just as great).

The Chariot is a signal that there are ways to manifest the outcome you desire; resources are in front of you. They may not be obvious, easy to access, or ideal, but there are ways to achieve your goal. This card merely asks you to have the grit, strength, and, yes, potentially aggression necessary to use the opportunities before you that are not necessarily always fun. This means standing up for yourself, making bold moves, and demanding the things that you know you deserve.

Thus, the probability of success is in your hands, and only your hands. You don’t even necessarily have to forge your own path! You just have to use the one available to you. It may not feel or seem that simple, but in hindsight, it will likely be apparent that… that truly was the case!