Tarot Talk: Integrating Crystals Into Your Tarot Practice — Yay or Nay?

If you’ve ever gotten a reading done, or seen a tarot reading, tarot setup, or tarot spread anywhere online, you may have also noticed a crystal or two beside, on top of, or among the deck of cards. And you may have also wondered, when getting into tarot, whether this is necessary, what it even may do, and why readers do this. Today, I’m hoping to answer all of these curiosities!

What do crystals offer to the reading?

Like tarot itself, a crystal is a tool, or at least, that’s how I use them! They are cleansing and charging agents of intense degrees, and using a corresponding crystal to the intention of your reading can enhance your focus, accuracy, and intuition.

Do you need crystals?

No, just like how you don’t actually need tarot to use your intuition. You can cleanse and charge your decks on your own, just like how you can use your intuition on your own. But I might give it a try if the concept intrigues you even a little bit.

How do I use crystals?

For starters, this may depend on your crystal, but you’ll want to cleanse your crystal before using them. I typically do this with incense or my own energy work, but you can find a method that works for you and your needs. Just be warned that using methods like sunlight or water may damage a certain kind of crystal, so do your research first!

When it comes to integrating them into a tarot, oracle, or lenormand reading, I will often (first cleanse them of course, and then) begin by placing a crystal or two on top of the deck I want to charge. I select a crystal that I feel corresponds to my intention for the reading, charge with that intention, and let it all sit a bit before shuffling.

Okay, so where do I begin?

I typically recommend clear and rose quartz, amethyst, and selenite as starting points, amethyst in particular for its versatility. I recommend The Crystal Bible as well for your “What does this crystal do?” needs.

Metaphysical shops and bookstores in your local area will likely store different varieties of crystals, but there are also an abundance of shops online.

Enjoy your journey with these shiny clusters of joy and light!