Q&A: Your Tarot Questions Answered!

Today I’m simply answering a few of your questions, whether personal or about the practice of tarot itself. If I didn’t get to your question, please don’t fret; I mostly picked at random or focused on ones I haven’t answered otherwise somewhere else. I may return to other questions later! This is more of a laid-back piece, but I hope you still find a nugget of information that you’re looking for.

1. What’s something you wish you knew when you were learning tarot?

That I didn’t have to learn all the card meanings right away. I had myself convinced that I couldn’t start to read for anyone until I had memorized every single card’s meaning. This was a mistake for two main reasons: first, I missed out on some good practice time. Any friend or family member is usually willing to let you read them regardless of your memorization skills, and the best way to learn (for most people, at least) is through actually reading cards. If you don’t know the meaning of a card, you’ll get some practice out of trying to decode its artwork.

Second, there’s no being “done” with learning the card meanings, especially when you factor in how many deck variations are out there. Card meanings have some baseline traditional meaning, yes, but they’re immensely expansive for a reason. A week from now, a month from now, or a few years from now my thoughts on one card can have completely changed over 10 times.

2. What’s your favorite card from the major arcana?

The High Priestess, always. In an ideal world, I wake up everyday and remind myself to embody her deeply intuitive, empathetic, spiritual presence.

I’m on the hunt for a High Priestess art print / poster, so if anyone has recommendations, surely do let me know!

3. Do you practice tarot every day?

I do, in some way or another, whether it’s a daily draw on my Instagram, Patreon, or a client reading. I would highly recommend pulling at least one card a day for yourself, and looking for the energy of that card around in your day, in small, mundane things. That’s something that definitely really shaped the way I view tarot, and doesn’t take very long, if time is your concern!

4. How do people react when you tell them that you read cards professionally?

The range of responses I get usually goes from, “Oh, that’s super cool! I have a friend [or insert other relationship status here] that also does that!” to a more skeptical, “Oh, like reading the future?”

When you’re conversing with someone who’s just shared something with you that is typically subject to some sort of skepticism, there’s usually either the tendency to try to relate to the subject to show that they’re into it, or to try to understand it, in other words. Most responses I receive now are positive, in some shape or form.

5. Do you read yourself?

Rarely. I tend to seek out another reader if I seriously feel inclined to get a tarot reading; there is something really comforting about a third party perspective for me. The most that I usually do is a one card draw at the beginning of my day to set the tone of the day, which is more meditative and reflective than it is a full reading.

6. What’s your favorite deck?

The Ostara Tarot, for now. Very much subject to change, as with anything else! But Ostara has been my favorite for as long as I’ve had it now, and I’ve only been loving the readings that I’ve conducted with it.