Tarot Predictions: 4 Changes You Can Expect in 2020

As much as I keep repeating that massive changes are coming in 2020 for the collective, it’s time to ask the cards specifically what we can expect to see change more drastically. I pulled six cards from the After Tarot that so graciously shared what we might expect to see and experience as the new decade begins.

Reading Using The After Tarot

1. Financial Abundance: What Goes Around Comes Around

As I’ve been noting, 2019 was very much a year of buildup, of creating foundations, plans, and working on a larger “something” that we hoped might culminate into an eventual stable project or source of income, in some cases. The Empress, Nine of Pentacles, and Seven of Swords (especially in this deck, where the laborer is depicted as now walking away from their work) all indicate and confirm back to me that this is going to be a year instead of reward.

This also means that any procrastination, stealing, lying, or cheating will come back to haunt you. There is still time to wrap things up and make things right, but it is generally just something to keep in mind.

2. Heightened Intuition & Spiritual Awakenings

The High Priestess is here to support, nourish, and bring to the surface our intuition and spiritual gifts. Once more, this is also a matter of what has gone around coming back around. Work that you have put into meditation, spiritual work, and practice is going to pay off much more evidently in 2020.

There is no more ignoring spiritual awakenings for anyone anymore, however. I do feel like this is a year of immense spiritual growth and rapid change for many.

3. Creativity & New Hobbies

2020 looks kindly upon those who are interested in undertaking a new hobby, or the creatively and intellectually curious. The Page of Cups encourages you to take the role of student, and asks that you are willing to learn something, or a few things, new this year.

For most, it is likely creative, and although many of you are already creative folk, there is a humbling aspect involved in realizing that you have a lot to learn — it should be considered a blessing rather than an insult to your current level of skill!

4. Luck Is In Our Favor

What I really mean is that fate is rooting for us this year. The Wheel of Fortune brings a lot of unexpected surprises and asks that you trust a little that it’ll all work out in the end — because it will. Expect the unexpected, including fun surprises, strange surprises, exciting surprises, and very fortunate blessings. You’ll likely experience a lot of “I was just in the right place at the right time” kind of experiences this year, in other words.

In Other Words, 2020 is…

Going to be a really fantastically fun and phenomenally abundant year, and one giant learning experience. Take some deep breaths as we transition into the energy of whole new decade, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride!

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