10 Witches and Diviners Share What Their Work Means to Them

This Friday the 13th, we celebrate the witchy, the weird, the wonders of the universe, and 10 witches, diviners, or card readers are here to share what being a witch or card reader or diviner — AKA: what being a badass — means to them. See their responses below!

1. It means being able to help guide others in ways they might not have been able to otherwise. And being a real-life healer.


2. Ever since starting my witchy journey, I feel more in tune with nature and the world around me. It’s about noticing the little things and how everything becomes magical.


3. It’s very grounding for me and filled me with a new love for the world around me.


4. It means being able to take control over my life. I felt out of control and in positions of being “lesser than” for the majority of my upbringing. Being a witch for me is about freeing myself from those reigns.


5. A helper, mediator, and someone strong.


6. Being a trailblazer, sometimes an outcast. Running with your own free spirit and the wind and not letting anyone get in your goddamn way.


7. To me a witch is someone who cherishes their connection to all other things. They harness the energy within and without to make the world a better place for themself and others.


8. A powerhouse. Period.


9. It means being connected to all life on a deeper, often subconscious level.


10. Being a witch has truly opened my eyes and my heart. I see and understand the world, myself differently. Being a witch means I take my gut feelings seriously. Being a witch means that my premonitions are valid. Being a witch means trouble if someone crosses me. Being a witch means I have an affinity to help, to nurture and nourish. Being a witch means that I can find a home within nature. Being a witch means that my emotions are more than powerful. Being a witch means that I am allowing myself to be vulnerable. Im showing the universe everyday that I am ready to receive opportunities, abundance, and peace. In return I meet the universe halfway— by being kind, open minded and thoughtful.
We show to the world that we believe in who we are spiritually. The universe shows us all the time that there is more that meets the eye. Everything is not what it seems. It all depends on if we have the yearning to see beyond what everything is. There are witches in each and every one of us. Will you untap that part of yourself? Will you ignite it? And if you do, what will it mean to you?