Reading Listings, Intentions, & Changes for Lightwands in 2020

Changes, changes galore. Welcome to my last blog post of this decade, and read on to find out how Lightwands is changing starting in 2020 (for the better).

2019 was a big year for Lightwands. For starters, this site launched, and so did this blog! We covered roughly 14% of all the tarot cards in the 78 card series (slowly but surely, friends), talked tarot and some of the more difficult topics that can include, and reviewed 3 decks (long way to go there, folks).

This year, we also reached 3k followers on Instagram (and that is still pretty crazy to me)! I finally figured out how to use Pinterest (not very well, but I figured it out, alright). And the first ever pick-a-card video I’ve done went up on my Youtube channel.

That said, next year Lightwands is going to turn 4 years old (pretty crazy!), and I am no longer the reader nor person I was in 2016, as much as I have love for that past Lexi and all of her Page of Cups energy (move over Page of Cups, the High Priestess is speaking now). Below, you may find my intentions for my tarot practice as we move into a brand new decade.

1. Social Media Expansion – Sharing Consciously and sharing consistently

This can be a weird opinion depending on who you talk to, but I genuinely love social media. I love connecting, I love sharing, I love building aesthetics and expressing myself through photos or writings, short anecdotes or descriptions, down to minute details like font selection and emojis.

In 2019, I really grew into liking Instagram, and previously had used it much more casually and without conscious effort into creating content I loved. I would like to further extend my reach in 2020, on both Instagram and other platforms, as well as continue to put forth content that I genuinely like and know that can be of assistance to others.

2. reading listings – A soul-centered selection dedicated to empowering the self

The two goals my readings dominantly center around are clarity and self-empowerment. I want my reading listings to reflect this even more strongly as we move into the new decade. In case you missed a little story announcement I did on my Instagram, I am putting predictive readings temporarily on hold. For whatever reason, they are tiring me out very much lately, and I will take this as a signal from my body and spirit that my focus should be elsewhere.

This means adding more reading selection, as well as keeping a lot of old favorites that still capture the heart of the readings I want to give, and giving those more love and attention than I usually do when it comes to sales, promoting them, and updating their descriptions. Look out for additional and new readings coming to my bookings page very soon!

3. emotional vulnerability – Let’s get Personal

I do not often divulge much personal information about me or my life here or on social media — this is also true for how I operate around others on a day-to-day basis. I have strong boundaries, and shield my energy and living space frequently and with a lot of intention.

I can’t fully explain why (as intuitive feelings tend to be this way, after all), but I have felt strong pushes and urges to share more about myself through Lightwands in the upcoming year. Hopefully, the things I share have a place somewhere in someone’s life, and all will connect as I feel it should.

And now, A thank you, again.

I genuinely am so immensely grateful for the gifts I have been given this year by all of you. I am sure it’s getting a little annoying and repetitive by this point if you follow me anywhere on social media, but I worked by double Virgo placement butt off this year, and y’all recognized me for my work every time in your own ways, so I must express my gratitude once more.

I love this job. It is my dream job in every capacity. Thank you for allowing me to do it, and giving me the space to grow as a reader, small business owner, writer, content curator, and person. These are all of my favorite things to be, and I am so grateful to wake up as them every day (especially being a person — gotta love that one).

Onto even greater things. Please do not hesitate to share what it is your goals are for 2020 with me in the comments! Have a lovely new year.

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