The 78 Cards: Justice

Welcome to the beginning of the new decade. When I drew out my concepts for the first blog post for the New Year, I realized that the next sequence in the 78 cards series is naturally Justice, Major Arcana card 11, and how fitting this is. In many ways, I believe 2020 brings Justice to the forefront. Let’s talk about it!

Upright: balanced, fair, truthful, righting wrongs, the flow of karma
Reversed: imbalanced, lack of mental clarity, lying, cheating, clouded judgement, unfair treatment

In my tarot predictions for 2020 post, I discuss the idea that 2020 brings forth the fruits of your labor from 2019. No longer must you wait to see your progress pan out years or months later; you will most certainly get what you give. Likewise, any ill will or harm that you cause to others can come back to bite you very easily this year.

Such is the energy of Justice, that which holds much similarity to the zodiac sign Libra, the diplomat, the mediator, the seeker of peace and fairness. In a reading, Justice can be advising you to seek balance and find a healthy medium, or to, more blatantly, be prepared for truths, mistakes, or wrongdoing to come to light for the sake of fairness.

The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice.

Martin Luther King Jr.