About Me! (For Real This Time)

This week I was meant to post a “Get to Know Me” type of video on my Youtube channel, but my Pisces mercury had a stroke of inspiration and desperately wanted to film something else. In lieu of that, while not also wanting your wonderful questions to go through the Internet void and disappear forever, here instead is me answering your questions simply in word format.

I once upon a time briefly introduced myself on my blog but did not delve deeply into truly any personal information. I have three planets in my 8th house, and quite enjoy a hermit-style living where only few may enter. (It may sound like I am slightly joking, but I am also somewhat serious).

However, no longer! In 2020, I strive to be a little more open about myself with you all, and slowly lean into sharing more about not just who I am as a reader, but who I am, period. Without further ado, here are your lovely questions.

1. What are your big three and what is in your 1st house if anything?

I have an Aries sun, Virgo moon, and Virgo rising. My moon is in my 1st house. I will very, very rarely get someone ever correctly guess my sun sign, and for the most part, people will assume I am a Virgo or some variation of water sign (usually Scorpio). If you guessed these things, you are not alone.

2.  do you remember your dreams?

I usually do, yes. I tend to lucid dream when I am sleeping for extended periods of time in a familiar place, like for over a month. I spent a summer as a teenager teaching myself how to lucid dream due to a series of nightmares being generally unpleasant and making it difficult for me to get some proper beauty rest, so I still have some of those habits kept for sleepy time now.

3.  what’s something you’re not good at but you wish you were?

I wish I was musically gifted or inclined in truly any shape or form. I am entirely tone deaf and am one of those people (Aries) that doesn’t like to pick up many things unless I can pretty much automatically guarantee that I am going to learn it quickly. Music has never been one of those things for me.

4.  Whats the most frustrating zodiac placement to deal with?

I’ll go ahead and say this because it’s my own; AKA, I have this placement so I feel like I am allowed to say it.

Pisces mercury. Pisces is an incredibly beautiful, dreamy, intuitive sign that is good at so many things — when I look at my friends with other Pisces placements and the things they are able to intuit from thin air, I feel they are often my living proof of the power of Pisces placements.

In Mercury, though, I find it frustrating to have, to say the least. The nice thing about it is that obviously it makes other forms of communication easier (like writing), and tarot is obviously another great example of another form of communication that works with Pisces mercuries. It makes it so that when I’m speaking through another medium like tarot, my thought processes are trying to interpret something that isn’t just words or thoughts, if that makes sense. I’m now relaying artwork or symbols and that flow of communication is very easy, and more natural.

5. if you weren’t going to be a tarot reader, what would be your dream job?

Oh boy — for me, problems related to career were never about finding a dream job. It’s about picking just one (welcome to: the perils of having a Gemini midheaven).

I was always attracted to writing and English in any capacity, and obviously I still am and do write for part of my income. I also considered law school for some time, but I didn’t want to be a lawyer — I only liked the idea of the academic setting of law school (rigorous, labor intensive, structured).

I’ve considered careers in anything from fashion advertising and design to event planning to toy designing to staying at home, living life as a hermit, and searching for a cabin in the woods to seclude myself in (kidding, but let me know if you know of any).

Lightwands is the dream because it’s beyond just one thing. I can manage my own website, market my own business, read tarot and oracle and deep dive into other forms of divination, write, take photos, social media manage — I truly feel like the sky is the limit.

6. are you married? / do you have or want children?

Athens, Greece, 2019

I am not married, nor do I have children! My present relationship has been ongoing for around 2.5 years, and we are wildly long distance. I am dominantly located in California, and my partner lives in Greece (hence my moving my practice around all the time).

This likely is a whole other thing to unpack, but my Venus is in 9th, if you cannot tell.

I would like children someday, but not quite yet.

question #7: would you ever want to live abroad?

If the answer to the last question was not too much of a giveaway to this one, yes, I would!

That’s it, folks!

If you would like more content like this, please feel free to let me know. While I divulge information about myself as a professional and a reader often, there is still not much you may know simply about me as a person, and this year, I would like that to change.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to me as well in the comments!