Tarot Talk: 3 Common Misconceptions About Love Readings

‘Tis the season of love, and ’tis also the season where love readings are more popular than ever. I figured there was no better timing than now to discuss matters of glancing into the affections and hearts of others, which we often tend to want to do around this time of year.

Today, let’s talk about some common misconceptions that people have about love readings, so that we can focus on all of the other more fun stuff this love season.

1. Looking Into other people’s business is A-okay.

It should always, always relate back to you. If the person you are inquiring about is not at all related to you and you’re considering looking into someone else’s relationship entirely, you probably shouldn’t be peering into it.

In any case, if you’re looking to get a reading from someone else, most readers aren’t going to be willing to conduct third-party readings.

2. A Love Reading Will Change Things On Its Own.

If a problem can be solved with communication, consulting tarot won’t fix it. You may straight up get an answer like “communicate with your partner.” Typically, you should consider asking your partner instead of tarot, as tarot isn’t meant to be a crutch for your relationship (more like a supportive, distant friend).

In many cases, a love reading that looks into a relationship that is problematic is going to be reiterating a lot of things you already know. If that’s your jam and you just want that second affirmation, it might be the right experience for you.

3. Love Predictions Are Set in Stone.

Like all other predictions, love predictions are subject to your own free will. I would tend to argue that this is the case for love predictions even more so than other kinds of predictions, as relationships are heavily reliant on your own actions and feelings.

In many cases, tarot is trying to show you your trajectory as is, if you don’t change anything. So, whether tarot has insisted you and your partner will break up or that you’re going to be together for life, it’s ultimately on you to carry the prediction to fruition.

With that in mind:

Love readings can otherwise be a fun time, and with another reader, it can feel like talking about a relationship with a friend who just happens to be already filled in on the details. Keep an open mind and treat it as any other kind of reading, and you’ll likely have a more fun, fulfilling experience.