Burnout, The Aries Dilemma, & Productivity

It’s been a hot minute since a blog post has gone up on this blog.

Aries season dawned upon us in the midst of quarantine, and so with it comes something that my fellow Aries friends may well understand. Boredom. An excess of energy with nowhere to put it. An unquenchable drive for… literally any kind of momentum.

For awhile, this is how I felt too, but heck, I love working, and I’m fortunate enough to not have to made many adjustments to my work, as Lightwands is a one-woman gig centered in my home as is. I saw this as an opportunity to get more done than usual. I believe it is safe to say that once the initial boredom had settled a bit more, many others had the same convictions. If there is more time on your hands and you need something to distract yourself with, why not take up 5 new hobbies, start up a whole business, clean the whole house, call up every loved one imaginable, cook a 3 course meal, and learn every species of plant in one week? Why not, am I right? (Cue ominous narrator voice: little did she know, there were many reasons “why not.”).

Outtakes from an unfinished, never edited video intended for my Youtube channel.

You can call it my double Virgo placements, but I sincerely believe so much of this drive does come from the Aries ambition. It ignites a spark out of nowhere and you land on having 50 new ideas, passion projects, and business ventures, determined to do all of them. In the midst of Aries season, as well as with the worldly circumstances, my non-Aries friends can now experience this pain of having 100 new loves in the form of hobbies and projects scattered around with no foreseeable ending.

And so with it may come inevitable burnout. And so with burnout may come the feeling of unproductivity, that you are simply not doing enough (thanks to trying to do, in contrast, literally everything).

Is all of this to say that I am going to have to change my blog posting schedule? Yes. (Am I blaming my Aries sun for something yet again? Also yes). In my attempts to avoid burnout but in my sincere desire to continue the creative projects I have started, I’m very obviously going to have to find a way to make adjustments to the existing ones.

Please prepare for unexpected, random, and unscheduled blog posts, most likely for the next month or so. Please also prepare for a series of seriously unrelated, seemingly not thought out, and random creative projects coming from me (or maybe not, who knows) over the next month as well. Here’s to rolling with the punches of another chaotic Aries season.