Nice to meet you! I’m Lexi.

I’m a (mostly tarot) card reader from California, coffee lover, astrology enthusiast, writer, double Virgo, and that local resident psychic, weird witchy lady, [insert the other things people call me here].

What is tarot?

Tarot simply functions as a tool for intuition or other “psychic” abilities — clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etcetera. I like to think of these skills and talents like anything else. For example, one may be gifted at birth with a strong athletic ability, but another person may sharpen their own athletic ability with time and effort. A pair of running shoes is to my card decks as athleticism is to intuition. As a visual person, I prefer visual tools!

Why tarot?

The flow of card reading came very naturally to me as a youngin’ (a teenager, but y’know). I’d been interested in several kinds of psychic readings since my adolescence, received my first reading with parental permission at age 15, and was instantly hooked. Card reading and astrology specifically were also interests that were passed through my mother’s side of my family for a few generations. My current Lenormand deck belonged to my great grandmother (the original witchy lady in my heart). I officially opened my services to the public in the summer of 2016, and have delivered hundreds of readings since then.

Are you “psychic?”

I am more largely and naturally claircognizant, but I in my heart of hearts believe that to extents everyone experiences each of the “clairs.” Claircognizance is “clear knowing,” or often what I like to describe as intuitive little bubbles that pop into my head spontaneously with no context, reason, or sometimes clear purpose. If you’ve ever known what someone was going to say before they were about to finish their sentence but you didn’t exactly know why, it looks and feels a lot like this.

In my spare time, I more casually practice energy work, read whatever books are at my disposal, and dabble in other forms of divination. And, on a more serious level, I practice tarot and astrology, and will do a fair share of predictive readings. If all of this means psychic to you, then yes! If no, then no! But I’m a professional star-reading cardslinger no matter how you slice it.

Why should I choose you as my reader?

My mission when delivering a reading is to offer clarity, insight, and perspective as a third party viewer in hopes to empower you on the other end to make your own choices, or just so that you can receive that extra validation from another person on your thoughts and feelings. I will likely offer my two cents and my opinion about the stuff I see, but the goal is always to place the power in your palms. If what you are seeking aligns with what I am attempting to do, then I might just be the reader you’re looking for!

As someone who loves to both read and be read, I know how important it is to feel you can trust your reader, as well as that you’re simply drawn to and feel comfortable with their energy and reading philosophy. If this is not you, please do not force it! I very seriously encourage you to find a reader that works best for you and your needs. However, I am always open for any questions you may have about me, your experience, etc. before you click book!

Still have questions? Shoot me an email: