What’s in a Spell? Witchcraft, Ritual, and Spellwork

We tend to all know and love the words “energy” and “intention” and “manifestation” like they’re the back of our hands, even those who claim to be less of a spiritual devotee. When it comes to the word “witchcraft” though, suddenly everything can tend to feel a bit too ooky spooky.


Tarot Talk & How To: Reading for Money, and Pricing Yourself as a Reader

“But Lexi, isn’t it bad praxis to perform readings for money? Does selling a spiritual practice taint its value? How much should a reading cost, then?”
Today, I thought I’d tackle all of these concerns in one swoop, as I receive questions like this quite often. Let’s move down the line and break it down bit by bit, and grapple with something that is not always so fun to grapple with: money.