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Welcome & thank you for choosing me as your reader! I look forward to reading you. ♥

Before you book, please do take a look at my about page & code of ethics page to find out more about me. Delivery averages at around 7 days from purchasing, and is guaranteed to be delivered within 14 days. This hasn’t ever happened but if, for whatever reason, you don’t receive your reading within 14 days, I will refund you. When you order, please contact me at or leave a note describing your reading, and any question(s), context, or situation that you would like to provide. I will deliver your reading in a PDF format to the email you use to pay or email me with unless specified otherwise.

Mini Love & Relationship Reading – $5
A mini relationship reading to offer brief insight, clarification, and understanding of your love / relationship. This is best for any type of situation that involves one or two questions, or some quick evaluation on a bond you may be wondering about!

This reading is a 5 card spread that will include:
• The outcome of the relationship & what is meant to be learned
• How you both feel
• Advice

Full Love & Relationship Reading – $18
A full relationship reading to offer insight, clarification, and understanding of your love / relationship. This is the ideal reading for delving into whole details of a relationship between you and a loved one.

• Understanding of your emotions & your loved one’s emotions
• The outcome of the relationship & what is meant to be learned
• How they feel, how you feel, & what you both want and hope for
• How you’re affecting the relationship & much more!

Soulmate Reading – $16
One of the most unique and fun readings to do (and a personal favorite), a soulmate reading will pinpoint one specific soulmate in this lifetime for you.

• what they’re like the nature of your relationship
• how you meet an estimate of when you meet (can be anywhere from “dawn” to a card like “three months”
• the purpose of your meeting
• & more!

YOU Reading – $17
A 10 card spread to look into what makes up you! This is a client favorite and one of the more uplifting readings I offer. We will take a look into the forces that shaped you, who you are now, how you’re growing, and so much more. Includes:

• The person you were
• The person you are now
• Lessons you’ve learned through your growth
• Your strengths
• What distinguishes you from others
• The person you’re turning into
• Etc.

Three Card Reading – $4
Ideal if you only have one question, and need something small and a push in the right direction. Below are some examples of three card spreads I do often, but the possibilities are endless! If you’re unsure, I’ll likely pick a spread that works best for your question, or curiosity.

• Past/Present/Future
• Problem/Advice/Outcome
• Strengths/Weaknesses/Advice
• Mind/Body/Spirit

Future Reading – $15-60
This is one of the more flexible readings I offer in terms of decks, price, and time frame. Adjust the price at checkout that corresponds to your desired timeframe. You may also choose which week, month, year, etc. that you would like me to look into. For example, this month might be March, but you could tell me that you want to see the month of December. Unless told otherwise, this will be a combined tarot and lenormand reading, meaning it will be predictions (lenormand) of events and general energy flow, advice, how/why things are happening (tarot). If you don’t want lenormand incorporation, please let me know and I will do the reading completely using tarot. Each future reading will be a detailed projection of the time frame you are giving me. I tend to try to hit all areas — self-growth, love, career — but if there are specific areas you would like me to focus on, just let me know.

• $15 – 1 week
• $30 – 1 month
• $60 – 1 year

Spirit Guide Reading – $11
A reading for those seeking to learn more about a spirit guide of theirs and receive any messages of guidance you may need. I call upon your guide(s) and ask for one to come through with messages and get to know a bit about who they are, why they’re with you, etc. This is one of my favorite readings to do, and is typically extremely uplifting, as well as great if you aren’t sure what exactly you want to be read on. Often the best messages will come from our guides.

• 3 oracle cards to relay messages
• 1 signifier card to display your spirit guide & what they’re like

Animal Within Reading – $9
A special reading using The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck featuring 60+ animals. We will delve into the literal “animal within” you and discover which one speaks to your personality and experiences! We will look into:

• The animal best representing you and what this means
• 3+ other animal cards offering words of advice and insight you most need to hear right now

Full Sized Intuitive Tarot Reading – $20
A full tarot spread reading to offer insight, clarification, and deeper understanding of any situation, problem, event, etc. If you did not exactly resonate with any of my other listings, this is perfect to hone in on the area, question, or situation of your choice. If desired, this can also be an intuitive reading if you don’t have any specific area of interest, and I can give you the insight the cards show me you may need right now.

Single Spread – $13
If you’re single and looking for love, this spread will specifically offer insight into your love life situation! A nine card spread perfect for singles. This reading encompasses:

• how people see you
• what’s preventing you from being in a relationship
• something coming soon
• advice
• outcome
• etc

Career Path Reading – $14
A 10 card career reading designed for those who are still figuring out their career paths & desired place of work. This reading is perfect for offering insight into your talents and skills and understanding what kind of work environment you’d thrive in. This reading encompasses:

• where you are now
• your talents
• what you should do now
• what you will accomplish
• etc.

Your Spiritual Gifts – $15
A spread to uncover your “psychic” and spiritual gifts. Even if you don’t feel like a natural-born clairvoyant, there’s always something we’re more inclined to. We will look into:

• your signifier your senses (feeling, smell, sight, etc).
• kinds of tools you may work well with (cards, crystals — including types of crystals, etc).
• any potential preferred forms of divination and practice (dream work, energy work, etc).
• the ways in which this can help you the ways in which this can help others
• much, much more.