Budget Readings

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Budget readings are ideal if you’re in more need of a pick-me-up than you are a full-scale cardslinging session. If you’ve got a smaller budget but still want a proper dose of guidance and clarity, this section could also be the one for you!

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Spirit Guide Reading – $15

A reading for those seeking to learn more about a spirit guide of theirs and receive any messages of guidance you may need. I call upon your guide(s) and ask for one to come through with messages and get to know a bit about who they are, why they’re with you, etc. Not sure what you want to be read on? Have no burning questions? This is likely the listing for you. Often the best messages will come from our guides.

• 3 oracle cards to relay messages
• 1 signifier card to display your spirit guide & what they’re like

Three Questions – $15

Just what it sounds like! Ask three questions, receive three answers. I will pull as many cards as necessary to give you what I see as a proper, thought out answer. I will describe what I see, and in the case of a subjective question, will give my personal two cents and opinion as a third party viewer.
Please ask questions you want a genuine, honest answer to. My goal is to tell you the truth, and not just what you want to hear.
Disclaimer: I will never answer questions regarding legal or medical matters (including pregnancy), illegal activity, or a death.