Love Readings

Love is in the air

Love readings place the focus on your interpersonal relationships with others. Whether the nature of the connection is platonic, romantic, or something else entirely, a love reading sheds light into the heart of any kind of relationship at any stage.

Readings are sent by email in PDF format to the email specified in Paypal, unless requested otherwise. Upon purchasing, you will receive a personal confirmation email from me within 24 hours. You may expect your reading within 10 days of purchasing, or else you will be issued a refund.

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Cupid’s Arrow – $25

Ideal for singles or those looking for (romantic) love! Let’s take a look at what kind of people you attract at the moment, if love is presently headed your way, and changes that could be made to attract the mate you’re looking for. We’ll look into:

• present & near future relationship opportunities
• the energy you put out currently
• the kind of people that it attracts
• what first attracts people to you
• and more!


A longstanding client favorite, soulmate readings identify one soulmate in your lifetime — a cosmic connection — and discusses the purpose of the connection, and other fun details! We’ll look into:

• key identifying traits of your soulmate
• when you might meet
• where / how you might meet
• the nature of your connection
• and more!

Full Love & Relationship Reading – $25

A full love & relationship reading offers insight and clarity to one relationship of your choice. This spread accommodates any kind of relationship at any stage. For this reading, I require a name or set of initials for the person you are inquiring about, as well as their pronouns. Includes:
• strengths & weaknesses as a unit
• how each individual affects the relationship
• the lessons of the relationship
• how each individual feels about the other
• and more!