Self Discovery Readings

It’s all you

Let’s get personal! These readings are designed to delve into the nitty gritty of what makes you who you are.

Readings are sent by email in PDF format to the email specified in Paypal, unless requested otherwise. Upon purchasing, you will receive a personal confirmation email from me within 24 hours. You may expect your reading within 10 days of purchasing, or else you will be issued a refund.

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YOU Reading – $25

A 10 card spread to look into what makes up you! This is a client favorite and my highest seller. We will take a look into the forces that shaped you, who you are now, how you’re growing, and so much more. Includes:

• The person you were
• The person you are now
• Lessons you’ve learned through your growth
• Your strengths
• What distinguishes you from others
• The person you’re turning into
• Etc.


A reading that delves into the darker parts of who you are ⁠— what are your inner demons? Where did they come from? How are you being self-deceptive?
Both a bit of a callout and a guide to growing a little more, the Shadow Self reading is a 7 card spread that invites you to take a dose of healthy criticism.

• What does your shadow look like?
• A brief dip into your past
• Why is it hard to let go of your shadow?
• A necessary step forward
• & more

Spiritual Gifts Reading – $20

Let’s delve into your spiritual gifts! Whether it’s mediumship, clairaudience, empathy to a maximum, or something else entirely, I’ll be calling upon your guides to inquire about the spiritual areas of natural strength that have potential to shine through brightly. This reading includes:

• An overview of the gifts that are the strongest
• An explanation of how they work, and when they can be most seen
• How to nurture your gifts
• Recommended tools and resources