Situational Readings

Problem-solving time!

What better way to utilize the power of clarity and cards than to break into a situation wholly? Let’s talk about a situation at hand, break everything down piece by piece, and get to solution-finding over cards.

Readings are sent by email in PDF format to the email specified in Paypal, unless requested otherwise. Upon purchasing, you will receive a personal confirmation email from me within 24 hours. You may expect your reading within 10 days of purchasing, or else you will be issued a refund.

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Fully Dissecting a Situation – $45

In my heart of hearts, I believe this is what tarot can do at its finest. If you're in a sticky situation, confused over a past or present event, or generally need to break down everything that's going on around you, let the cards step in and clear the air.

This is by default a custom reading and spread. I require a baseline amount of information from you to understand what it is that I need to craft the spread. Unload whatever questions may be on your mind, and I'll fit it all into an accommodating spread.


Two Path Spread – $20

Got two options? Feeling indecisive? A two-path reading will outline the pros and cons of your choices to better inform your decision. If you do not wish to tell me what exactly both options are, this reading requires you to at baseline level assign a name, initial, or number to each option. Includes:

• overall energy of both choices
• pros and cons of both choices
• predicted outcome of both choices at present trajectory


Checkmate Spread – $18

In a dicey situation? Trying to assess your next move? Let's evaluate the chessboard briefly, and see what your best plan of action may be. A simple but effective five card spread that includes:

• What's the chessboard look like right now?
• What piece of yours have already been lost?
• What's a piece on the opposition you need to look out for?
• What's the strongest move you can make?
• Predicted outcome based on current trajectory