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Full Love & Relationship Reading – $25

A full love & relationship reading offers insight and clarity to one relationship of your choice. This spread accommodates any kind of relationship at any stage. For this reading, I require a name or set of initials for the person you are inquiring about, as well as their pronouns. Includes:

• strengths & weaknesses as a unit
• how each individual affects the relationship
• the lessons of the relationship
• how each individual feels about the other
• and more!


Significator Reading – $7.77

A short, sweet, simple one card reading that identifies your "significator" (or as I call them, signifiers). This is the card that best represents you at the moment in this point in time. For this reading, you will receive your significator and an explanation of the corresponding traits and energy. If messages come through for this reading, those will be relayed briefly as well.


Soulmate Reading – $20

A longstanding client favorite, soulmate readings identify one soulmate in your lifetime — a cosmic connection — and discusses the purpose of the connection, and other fun details! We'll look into:

• key identifying traits of your soulmate
• when you might meet
• where / how you might meet
• the nature of your connection
• and more!


Fully Dissecting a Situation – $45

In my heart of hearts, I believe this is what tarot can do at its finest. If you're in a sticky situation, confused over a past or present event, or generally need to break down everything that's going on around you, let the cards step in and clear the air.

This is by default a custom reading and spread. I require a baseline amount of information from you to understand what it is that I need to craft the spread. Unload whatever questions may be on your mind, and I'll fit it all into an accommodating spread.


YOU Reading – $22

A 10 card spread to look into what makes up you! This is a client favorite and my highest seller. We will take a look into the forces that shaped you, who you are now, how you're growing, and so much more. Includes:

• The person you were
• The person you are now
• Lessons you've learned through your growth
• Your strengths
• What distinguishes you from others
• The person you're turning into
• Etc.


Spiritual Gifts Reading – $20

Let's delve into your spiritual gifts! Whether it's mediumship, clairaudience, empathy to a maximum, or something else entirely, I'll be calling upon your guides to inquire about the spiritual areas of natural strength that have potential to shine through brightly. This reading includes:

• An overview of the gifts that are the strongest
• An explanation of how they work, and when they can be most seen
• How to nurture your gifts
• Recommended tools and resources


Two Path Spread – $20

Got two options? Feeling indecisive? A two-path reading will outline the pros and cons of your choices to better inform your decision. If you do not wish to tell me what exactly both options are, this reading requires you to at baseline level assign a name, initial, or number to each option. Includes:

• overall energy of both choices
• pros and cons of both choices
• predicted outcome of both choices at present trajectory


Cupid’s Arrow – $25

Ideal for singles or those looking for (romantic) love! Let's take a look at what kind of people you attract at the moment, if love is presently headed your way, and changes that could be made to attract the mate you're looking for. We'll look into:

• present & near future relationship opportunities
• the energy you put out currently
• the kind of people that it attracts
• what first attracts people to you
• and more!


Spirit Guide Reading – $15

A reading for those seeking to learn more about a spirit guide of theirs and receive any messages of guidance you may need. I call upon your guide(s) and ask for one to come through with messages and get to know a bit about who they are, why they’re with you, etc. Not sure what you want to be read on? Have no burning questions? This is likely the listing for you. Often the best messages will come from our guides.

• 3 oracle cards to relay messages
• 1 signifier card to display your spirit guide & what they’re like


Shadow Self – $20

A reading that delves into the darker parts of who you are ⁠— what are your inner demons? Where did they come from? How are you being self-deceptive?
Both a bit of a callout and a guide to growing a little more, the Shadow Self reading is a 7 card spread that invites you to take a dose of healthy criticism.

• What does your shadow look like?
• A brief dip into your past
• Why is it hard to let go of your shadow?
• A necessary step forward
• & more


Three Questions – $15

Just what it sounds like! Ask three questions, receive three answers. I will pull as many cards as necessary to give you what I see as a proper, thought out answer. I will describe what I see, and in the case of a subjective question, will give my personal two cents and opinion as a third party viewer.

Please ask questions you want a genuine, honest answer to. My goal is to tell you the truth, and not just what you want to hear.

Disclaimer: I will never answer questions regarding legal or medical matters (including pregnancy), illegal activity, or a death.


Checkmate Spread – $18

In a dicey situation? Trying to assess your next move? Let's evaluate the chessboard briefly, and see what your best plan of action may be. A simple but effective five card spread that includes:

• What's the chessboard look like right now?
• What piece of yours have already been lost?
• What's a piece on the opposition you need to look out for?
• What's the strongest move you can make?
• Predicted outcome based on current trajectory


Astrological Chart & Tarot Reading: Personal Placements – $40

This is an astrological chart reading with a tarot incorporation. We will go over your personal placements, being the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Mars. I will additionally pull two cards for each of the placements (10 cards in total), asking the following: How is your ____ placement currently expressed? & How does it need to be nurtured?

While each placement has its own purpose and use in your chart, I will also go over how they likely work in tandem with each other, with tarot as a tool in aiding me to see in what ways you currently express your chart.

This reading requires your date, time, and place of birth in order to create the chart.


Astrological Chart & Tarot Reading: Basics with The Big Three – $17

This is an astrological chart reading with a tarot incorporation. We will go over the basic foundation of your chart, being your “big three” — sun, moon, and rising sign — and how they shape you. I will additionally pull two cards each for these placements as well (6 cards in total), asking the following: How is your ____ placement currently expressed? & How does it need to be nurtured?

This reading requires your date, time, and place of birth in order to create the chart.