Code of Ethics

I. I do not take lightly the amount of trust that is given to me by allowing me into your energy and environment. Your reading will never be shared with anyone for any reason; everything is 100% confidential, and given without judgement.

II. I do not give 3rd party readings, such as “How does Sally feel about Susie?” when you are neither Sally nor Susie. If you ask a question about another individual, I ask that you ask in the manner that keeps the focus on you. For example: “what can I do to improve the relationship with x?”

III. I am not a not lawyer, financial consultant, or doctor. This means I do not answer questions related to health, death, lottery numbers, legal problems, etcetera. I can at best advise you from the perspective of a spiritual counselor, but this advice should never be taken at the same level as a doctor, lawyer, or financial consultant. Readings are not substitutes for doctor’s visits, advice, or medication, and you should always seek proper medical care from a healthcare professional.

IV. I reserve the right to deny a reading to anyone at any time. If you have submitted a payment, you will be issued a refund, and I will try to refer you to a reader I feel may be better suited to work with you.

V. Once you have received your reading, I will not issue a refund. Readings are not consumable or tangible items that I can take back, and part of what you pay for is my time.

VI. I am not a professional medium. While spirits may come through in readings on occasion, I cannot and will not make contact with the deceased deliberately or upon request.

VII. I do not give readings in such a way that removes your personal power; my intent is always to empower, empathize, heal, and give you steps and information I see relevant to you progressing forwards, not remove your free will. While I am always happy to give my two cents, I do not encourage you to become reliant on readings for decision-making or living out your life choices. If I feel this becomes the case, I may issue a refund and ask you return only after a certain amount of time has passed.

VIII. By booking me, you agree to these terms and to being 18 or older.

IX. In the case that you indicate that you or someone else is in physical danger, I am obligated to report this information to the appropriate authorities.

By law, I have to state that this is for entertainment purposes only. I am not to be held responsible for anything that could happen once the reading leaves my hands. I do not take any responsibility for any choices you make; the choices are personal and your responsibility.