Let’s Write Something!

If you’re here, you may be a fellow witchy fiend friend, tarot reader, or spiritual practitioner of sorts, and have something to share on this humble little blog of mine. If that’s the case, I thank you for interest in my writing, and for your desire to share your gifts with me (and the world).

What can I do here?

On my blog, I am open to interviewing and sharing the words, wisdoms, and practices of other people in this crazy, talented, mind-blowing industry full to the brim of spiritual and intuitive practitioners, especially from those whose gifts, methods, and knowledge differ from mine. If you are interested with collaborating with lil’ old me, I am genuinely humbled and grateful!

At the moment, I am most interested in learning about, as well as sharing, practices that may differ quite a bit from mine. If you want to spend a whole article/interview just on sigil work, a unique tarot method you use, or even a favorite book of yours that changed the course of your practice, I’m all ears! I’m interested in hearing from you regardless of your number of years in experience, regardless of whether or not you run a practice, regardless of whether or not you’ve never answered an interview question in your life.

If you fill out the form below, I will get back to you ASAP with a response, as well as the next steps in action we might take if it seems our missions are aligning! At the present moment, I am most likely to conduct an email interview.

What’s the goal?

My blog at Lightwands is not intended to be a news publication, but a resource. As cool as that’d be, this isn’t necessarily a place to pitch in the same way that you might pitch to a journalistic publication or magazine. I genuinely want to connect, collaborate, and converse with you, and authentically share your words, rather than simply churn out content. I am doing this in part because I do very literally just want to learn about new things, and I know that those who read my blog do too (and who wants to listen to just me talk all the time? A Pisces mercury can only speak so much).

All of this said, your words actually getting out into the world does matter to me, and a cool conversation with a weird witch lady you met online alone may not be as compelling to you as it is to me, and I want to be transparent about how I share things, especially if I am using your words.

I will always push my blog posts to all of my social media platforms, collectively totaling around 5,000+ followers. I also allow early blog post access to my Patrons, typically 1-3 days in advance. I will also let you see the post so that you can green light it beforehand (duh). If that all sounds okay with you, then we can rock and roll with the contact form.