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Below are any tarot spread E-books I’ve created for purchase. They will be delivered to you in PDF format to the email you use in purchasing via Paypal (unless a separate email is specified otherwise in a note). Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours, or a refund will be issued to your Paypal.

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20 Spreads of Love

This is a downloadable, printable E-book (PDF format) of tarot spreads created by me with love in mind. Each of these spreads is made with the intention to assist and lead you through the journey of love, be it expressing, receiving, sharing inwardly or outwardly, and beyond.

From the intro of the e-book:
"While love so often can seem to elude us, confuse us, break us, or lift us up in the most mysterious of ways, I have always found it natural that tarot can serve as a tool in illuminating the truths of our coexistence with love.
This is my intention with this spread book. I hope to help you to help yourself, to illuminate, to understand, to love.
With love,

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