How long will it take to receive my reading?

I have a 10 day reading delivery guarantee. It depends on how many readings I have currently in my queue. Sometimes, it can take only a few days. The average waiting time is 5-7 days. I thank you for your patience!

How will I receive my reading?

I will email it to you in a PDF format in the email that was provided in your order / the one you emailed me from, unless requested otherwise.

I’ve just booked a reading. What can I expect?

I will reach out to you within 24 hours of you sending a payment to confirm that I’ve received it, as well as to ask for any information needed depending on your type of reading. If you’ve sent me an email first with any information or context, I’ll be responding to that instead to also confirm that I’ve received your email and we’re good to go! Whether or not it’s you or me who sends an email first, expect an email from me regardless.

When you receive an email from me otherwise, it should be one that contains your reading in a PDF format. These are usually at least a few pages long, unless your reading is a short / miniature version (1-3 cards). At the same time, I will mark your Paypal order as “shipped” and Paypal should email you this information as well!

What kind of readings do you not do?

Medical/legal questions, third party questions (ex: does Sally like Susie? when you are neither Sally nor Susie). I prefer to avoid yes/no questions, primarily because I find that they don’t offer quite enough for the cards to answer to. If you insist on a yes/no question, I will likely add onto your question to get a clearer, comprehensive answer.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

I sure do! This is done digitally, so you need not concern yourself with silly shipping fees and whatnot.