How long will it take to receive my reading?

There’s a 2 week reading guarantee. It depends on how many readings I have currently in my queue. Sometimes, it can take only a few days. The average waiting time is 7 days. I thank you for your patience!

How will I receive my reading?

I will email it to you in a PDF format in the email that was provided in your order / the one you emailed me from. In a video reading, I post it unlisted on my YouTube and send you the link.

How does Tarot work?

I use tarot as a tool to tap into your situation. 
Readers have all card meanings memorized, and I intuitively will select the cards the ones meant for you!

What kind of readings do you not do?

Medical/legal questions, third party questions (ex: does sally like susie?), yes/no questions.

When do you donate to Futures?

10% of shop proceeds will be going to Futures Without Violence. I will send it over periodically depending on the amount of readings I will receive, but on average at around $25 in donation funds, the money will get sent.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

I sure do!