24-Hour Emergency Delivery Reading



This listing is for a very quick read on a pressing matter. I recommend this listing for those who already have pressing questions that are time-sensitive, and are focused on getting quick answers versus exploring a situation more fully.
It is a unique listing in a few regards, so please read carefully to ensure that it is the service for you.

  • It will be delivered within 24 hours of purchase. As such, this is the only listing where I won’t email you for confirmation within 24 hours; the first time I reach out will simply be to deliver your reading.
  • This reading is not delivered to you in PDF format, but by email with an MP3 file containing an audio reading, and a picture of the cards.
  • The audio file will be maximum ten minutes. I am open to as many questions as time will allow.

If you are unsure about whether or not your question(s) may be properly accommodated, I am open to reading your questions beforehand — please reach out via email (lightwands@gmail.com). (Additionally, I have written in the past on the importance of framing a question for tarot, as well as how effective questions may be worded, which is linked here for your interest).

This reading requires:

  • A minimum of one question is required. This listing does not accommodate a general reading.

Questions or concerns? Review my Frequently Asked Questions, or shoot me an email directly: lightwands@gmail.com.