Life Path Reading



While we often serve this earth, as well as the people that we touch in our lives, in numerous, unpredictable ways within one lifetime, there are often particular sets of values, purposes, and paths we lead as individuals in order to carry out certain purposes.

This reading seeks to delve into what it is you are likely to be drawn to in this lifetime to accomplish and in what way you embody certain archetypes in order to carry out these purposes/goals.

This reading utilizes 9 cards (tarot and/or archetypes) and 3 oracle cards to deliver final words of wisdom and messages to close out the session. I am to see several areas of purpose, or several missions, that you may have in your life, but will primarily allow the cards to express the messages organically.

This reading requires:

  • No information, context, or questions are required for this reading, but can be optionally offered by you if you do so choose.

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