Astrological Chart & Tarot Reading: Personal Placements



This is an astrological chart reading with a tarot incorporation. We will go over your personal placements, being the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Mars. I will additionally pull two cards for each of the placements (10 cards in total), asking the following: How is your ____ placement currently expressed? & How does it need to be nurtured?

While each placement has its own purpose and use in your chart, I will also go over how they likely work in tandem with each other, with tarot as a tool in aiding me to see in what ways you currently express your chart.

This reading requires your date, time, and place of birth in order to create the chart. Please add it in your notes at checkout.

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Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your reading upon ordering. Readings are delivered in PDF format to the email that you use to pay or specify at checkout.