Email Testimonials

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“Hi Lexi!
I have enjoyed every reading I’ve gotten from you, the soulmate readings especially (obviously). Every single one has been incredibly relevant at the time of reading & this one was no exception. This reading immediately made me think of my best friend; the mention of airy energy (i’m a gemini, she’s an aquarius), the dislike of small talk, & meeting through shared experiences. It REALLY resonated with me! She moved a few states away to get her PhD a few years ago & we always miss each other a little extra during the holidays so I couldn’t wait to share this with her. Literally brought tears to our eyes (her husband asked her what was up & now he’s interested in getting a reading but she told him he would have to get his own soulmate). We spent the evening connecting & hyping each other up over text & it was much needed in these trying times!
Thanks again for all the great readings, Lexi! Can’t wait for my next one!”

“I really wanted to take the time to give you some feedback on my reading as I thought it was brilliant and it resonated 100%!!! You captured my current situation well and also gave me the reassurance/perspective I needed. I think you are talented. In my opinion, reading for others (especially on the topic of love lives!) can be pretty complex. Also I loved the presentation of your reading, (the visual side!) and I feel you to be a genuine reader which is so important.”

“You are amazing! Thank you. You are correct, this is exactly what I needed right now. Thank you so much. I’m sure you hear it all of the time, but wow. I am filled with gratitude for your time and your incredible insight, and also for social media. Though it has many flaws, the connections it allows you to make are priceless.”

“Oh my gosh thank you so much!!! I absolutely loved them. I really resonated with everything. It’s like I already knew but I feel so much better and more confident having everything confirmed!”

“Thank you so much for the reading! You have no idea how accurate it is. You basically described my ex’s situation perfectly.”

“This reading brought tears to my eyes, in the best way.
I feel comforted and hopeful.. thank you so much for this insightful and beautiful reading.
I appreciate what you do and wish you the best with your endeavors :)”

“Thank you Lexi!
Your reading has been helping me to guide through my month, I’m also thinking about doing a reading for next month a little later 🙂
Thank you so much, its a magical feeling.”

“Dear Lexi,
Thank you so much for your wonderful reading! All the messages felt so right as I was reading them and fell right into place of what I need right now in life, that I may or may not have suspected. I believe I’m starting to notice my guide’s attempts to make contact, and he feels like such a calming and even nurturing presence that I too was surprised that he chose the King of Wands to represent himself! But looking back at your reading now and his messages, it all makes perfect sense, actually. Thank you again for your wonderfully insightful reading and helping me get to know my spirit guide!”

*Email testimonials have names hidden for the privacy of the client.