Meet my deck inventory! Photo last updated March 2019.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Earthbound Oracle, Karma Cards, After Tarot, Rider Waite Tarot, Only Time will Tell Oracle, Oracle of Oddities, Wild Unknown Tarot, Cosmos Tarot, Strega Cards, Cosmos Oracle, Linestrider Tarot, White Witch Tarot, Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards, Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle, Prismavisions Tarot, Fountain Tarot


  • Rider-waite: I use this deck for pretty much everything! It was my first deck and I personally find it the most versatile. I usually get some deeper insights with this deck and more specifics. This is the go-to deck I use for signifers because I get clearer pictures of personalities.
  • Prismavisions: For heavier & intense situations and the like. I use this for celtic type spreads and generally more tense situations that need clearer advice and guidance. This deck often digs deeper at problems & issues with roots in other places, so I try to use it for questions that give off the same vibe.
  • The Wild Unknown: A more positive, uplifting voice. I like using this deck for “All about you” type of readings and career path readings because it’s more affirming and optimistic.
  • Cosmos Tarot (& oracle): I cannot sing enough praise for this deck. This was my favorite deck for a long time, and the artwork, details, storytelling, and association to the stars, constellations, gods, goddesses, and myths always make me feel like I’m just scratching the surface of each card.
  • Linestrider Tarot: For some reason I often find myself gravitating to this deck when reading for people who haven’t had readings before; I think the visuals themselves speak volumes and in a similarly objective way as Rider Waite.
  • Fountain Tarot: Vibrant and literally shimmering, this deck is much like my Rider Waite where I feel I rightfully use it for pretty much everything.
  • White Witch Tarot: A deck that is comprised of only Major Arcana and haunting, abstract imagery, I use this for very specific, heavy situations that may involve branching off into less worldly problems.
  • After Tarot: A bit unconventional and a twist on the classic Rider Waite, I was immediately fascinated with the After Tarot deck as a lover of symbolism and imagery within the original Rider Waite. I find the After Tarot is nice for looking into the past and future situations for the way I always feel it transcends time, and offers a unique perspective on the present.
  • Ostara Tarot: My current favorite. Unapologetically feminine, rooted in nature, eclectic, quirky, and with a gorgeous color tone.
  • Strega Tarot: I’ve yet to find an active listing for this deck online, as it’s from the 60’s and the funky artwork shows as much. This was my great grandmother’s, and it features a set of face cards (Devil, Witch, Warlock, Goblin, Wizard) in 4 suits.


  • Earthbound oracle: A versatile voice like my rider-waite deck. Gives straight-forward and honest answers.
  • Oracle of Oddities: Probably my second favorite deck! This advice is super clear and tends to repeat itself within the cards, but I personally like it that way so that it reaffirms previous feelings I may have felt earlier.
  • Only Time Will Tell Oracle Deck: A pain in the butt, honestly. It will either give you a straight-up, accurate answer or it’ll say something that makes no sense if it thinks you’re being impatient. This is my preferred way of reading time, because the deck has the option of staying quiet if we aren’t supposed to know something.
  • Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck: Amazingly, I fell more in love with this deck than the original Wild Unknown Tarot. I like using this oracle deck to uncover personality, general life circumstances, and spirit guide messages.


  • Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling: I think it goes without saying that Lenormand will never be “nice” to you, only will give you the straight-up, no sugar coated answer. This deck has been in my family for 3 generations and has never given me an incorrect answer, even if we don’t like what that answer is.


  • Karma Cards: An astrology based deck with 36 cards, 12 each for signs, planets, and houses, this was another one I picked up from my great grandmother. An explanation of how they work can be found on my instagram!

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